Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tour of Strings Music Venue. ©2020 Beth Cloutier

360/3D Virtual Tours enable customers, travelers, and viewers to “walk” into your business virtually by moving throughout the space just as they would as if they walked into your store, conference, convention or music venue, allowing for dynamic engagement with your business online. For example a retail shop, hotel, museum, art gallery, medical teaching facilities and education programs, real estate, arcade, bike shops, campgrounds, city parks, outdoor festivals, bakeries, live music shows are some of the businesses that use virtual tours to attract customers.

360 photo of Oakland, CA, 17th Street and Broadway. ©Beth Cloutier 2020

Customers who explore a virtual space tend to spend more time on the virtual website than on a standard site because of the interaction. Millennials spend over 89% more time on a virtual tour than a standard website.

Music videos filmed in 360 (live and custom music videos) have a retention rate triple the time watched then a standard length video.

360 photo of Friendship Park, Richmond, CA. ©Beth Cloutier 2020
360 photos are used to create the images used in virtual tours. 360 Video is also an option.

Customized branding, social media integration, desktop, mobile, VR compatible, easy to use navigation controls, video, custom audio and sound design, customized hotspots to integrate all your marketing materials, and photogammetry are all features that can be implemented in your businesses virtual tour.

360 Photo of Stings Music Room – Jam Room, Emeryville, CA

Virtual Tours allow the visitor to get a feel for the businesses environment. Your businesses style and products shine through as the viewer moves through your store, looking at products and gathering information through unique links that pop off the virtual page. Photogammetry photography allows your customers to look at your product from all angles.

360 photo of Downtown Oakland, CA. Graffiti murals decorate the exterior of a parking lot. ©Beth Cloutier

Your business will have expert 360 Pano Photography and Videography with a stunningly produced virtual tour. Contact Beth to discuss a virtual tour for your business.