Beth Cloutier • Director of Photography Resume


World According to Comedians: Filmbutik, Dima Productions, (Producer/Director of Photography) 2022

Digital Addiction: A&E, GRB Entertainment, (Field Producer/Camera Operator) 2021

TN Techno w/Federico Wiemeyer (Director of Photography) 2020

América TV: Tech Special w/ Fernando Carolei (Director of Photography) 2013-2017

Circus: American Experience PBS, Winter Pink Films 2017

How To Make Millions Through Hip Hop: Channel 4 (UK), Sugar Films (Director of Photography) 2016

Dan & Phil: YouTube live broadcast, ProCam Production (Camera Operator) 2016

Night Of A Thousand Stars: Comedy Central, Human Interest Films, (Director of Photography) 2015

Diabolical Women: Lifetime Movie Network, LMNO Productions (Director of Photography) 2015

Not In Our Town: PBS, The Working Group (Director of Photography) 2015

A Path Appears: PBS, Show of Force Productions (Director of Photography) 2014

The Sixties: CNN, Herzog & Co. (Additional camera) 2014

Ghost Inside My Child: Lifetime Movie Network, Joke Productions (Director of Photography) 2014

Restaurant Divided: Food Network, Leftfield Productions/Leopard Productions (Director of Photography) 2013

Bounty Wars: Discovery Channel (Camera Operator) 2012

The Best You Never Heard: Director: Douglas Chang (Director of Photography) 2012

Breakout Kings: A&E, Waverly Motion Film (2nd Unit) 2010

Fashion Week NYC: Bespoke Banter/So Productions (Director of Photography) 2010-2011

Chopped: Food Network (Director of Photography) 2009

Radical Sabbatical: Fine Living Network (Director of Photography) 2008

Good Morning London: Bespoke Banter/So Productions (Director of Photography) 2011

Project Ghostlight: SchoonerScout Productions (Director of Photography) 2010

Roomies: 13 episodes for XY TV (Director of Photography) 2008


Openprise: LimeVoodoo productions, (Camera Operator) 2022

Stockton Symphony: Wing Productions, (Director of Photography) 2022

BioGene: Atlantic TV, (Director of Photography) 2021

Paper Moon Presents: (Producer/Director of Photography) 2021

UC Berkeley-The Othering Center: (Camera Operator) 2021

Samsung: (Director of Photography) 2020

Torrid: (Director/Director of Photography) 2019

We The People: Director – Adrian Rojas Elliot (Director of Photography) 2019

UCLA: Director – Mike DeWitt, (Director of Photography) 2015

Blue Shield: Director – Charles Richardson (Director of Photography) 2014

Disney: Director – Jordan Olshansky (Director of Photography) 2013

Volvo: Director – Jordan Olshansky (Director of Photography) 2013

LINC: Director – Jonathan Skirnik (Director of Photography) 2013, 2014

Sylvania: Director – Bill Aydelott. Waverly Motion Film (Director of Photography) 2012

Four D College: Director – Reginald Brown (Director of Photography) 2012 Bespoke Banter/So Productions (Director of Photography) 2011

Cambridge University Press: Nesson Media Boston (Director of Photography) 2010

Novartis: Ruder Finn inc. (Director of Photography) (Award winning) 2009

Revlon: Producer/Director – Christina Hajdinjak (Director of Photography) 2008

Toyota: Director – Scott Elliot (Director of Photography) 2008


Paper Moon Presents: (Director of Photography) 2021

Strings-Live at Strings: (Director of Photography) 2021

Hebrew College: (Director of Photography) 2020

Local Music Channel: Director – Beth Cloutier (Director/Director of Photography) 2020

Ulule: Producer – Laura Bocquillon, (Director of Photography) 2019

MotoMan: Director – George Notoras (Director of Photography) 2013

Clean Ops: Comedy Shaq Productions (Camera Operator) 2012

Cape House: (Director of Photography) 2012

The Black Dog/Sylvania: Waverly Motion Film (Director of Photography) 2012 Human Interest Films, Director – Mike DeWitt (Director of Photography) 2012

Sylvania-Ultra LED lighting: Waverly Motion Film (Director of Photography) 2011-2012

Fashion Week September: Besoke Banter/So Productions/ (Director of Photography) 2010/2011

Shake It Up with Alison Fishman: AOL/Kitchen Daily, Twin Art, Director – Ellen Kahn (Director of Photography) 2010

Caffeine TV: Oria Media, Producer/Director(s) – Eugenia Harvey and Imara Jones (Director of Photography) 2010

IndieWoman Mag: Produced by Acazia Studios 2012

Bowery Mission: Director – Scott Elliott, 590Films (Director of Photography) 2007

Napapijri Salon Series: Director – Dusty Wright, Culture Catch monthly film series (Director of Photography) 2010

Culture Catch monthly music series: Producer/Director(s) – Richard Burns and Dusty Wright (Director of Photography) 2010


Hangtown: Producer/Director of Photography, 2020

Phoolan: Additional Camera Director of Photography, 2018

The Advocates: Director – Remi Kessler, (Director of Photography) 2018

Stranger Fruit: Director – Jason Pollock, (Director of Photography) 2017

Google/SBTV 10 year Anniversary: Director – Theo Williams, (Director of Photography) 2017

Reysenator: Producer – Alison Tavel/Barbara McDonough, (Director of Photography) 2016-2017

Shawn Mendes Concert: Universal Music (Camera Operator) 2016

Not In My Name: Director – Hossein Fazeli, (Director of Photography) 2016

Beebe: Director – Karen Doughtery, (Director of Photography) 2016

Borderline: Director – Rebbie Ratner (Director of Photography) 2016

The Year We Thought About Love: Director – Ellen Brodsky, (Additional Camera) 2015

Hitchhiking to the Edge of Eternity: Director – Scott Petersen (Director of Photography) 2014

Undroppable: Director – Jason Pollock (Director of Photography) 2013

Suitcase of Love and Shame: Director – Jane Gillooly (Director of Photography) 2012

What Do You Know: Director – Ellen Brodsky (Director of Photography) 2011

Cape Spin: The Fight for the Future of Power in America: Director – Robert Gemmel
Sundance Channel (Director of Photography) 2012

Behind the Wall: Producer/Director – Michael Kelley (Director of Photography) 2011

Public Education Project: Produced by Vision Wink (Director of Photography) 2011-2012

Peep Culture: Produced by Chocolate Box Entertainment (Director of Photography) 2010

Marion Stoddard: Work of 1000: Produced by Extra Mile Productions (Additional Camera) 2010

Frozen Chosen: Producer/Director – Elizabeth Gardner (Director of Photography) 2010

Iraq, Paper, Scissors: Producer/Director – Sarah Nesson (Additional Camera) 2010

Destination Guadalupe: Anyway Productions (Director of Photography) 2009

For the Love of Movies: Producer – Amy Geller (Director of Photography) 2008

Blue Christmas: Producer/Director – Mark Indigaro (Additional Camera) 2003


Absent Father, Sparta Productions, Director – Doug Chang (Director of Photography) 2009


Game Night: Director – Sean Lynch (Director of Photography) 2014 (Award winning)

Measuring Matthew: Director – Gul Moonis (Lighting Director) 2012

7 Minutes in Heaven, Director – Mark Killian (Director of Photography) 2011

Compliments of the Serpent, BET, Director – Canella Williams (Director of Photography) 2010

Building World Peace, Acazia Studios (Director/Director of Photography) 2009


Briget Boyle – Heartbreak Residue, 2023

Allen Ling – A Name In Your Book, 2022, (Three time award winner for best cinematography)

1982 – Pictures, 2021

Eli Wise – Ghosts and Logic 2020

Westerner – Bad Karma 2019

Westerner – Rev11 2019

Briget Boyle – Salty Tears 2019

Jessica Sheehan – California Bend 2019

1982 – Blankets 2019

1982 – Wandering Around (Is There Someplace Beautiful) 2016



Emerson College – Professor of Cinematography-Adjunct, Fall 2016

Women in Film Los Angeles 2015

MIT/NuVu Studio 2010, 2012

Brooklyn College 2008, 2009


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